face facts- Man/Maid Make-up

Master Class for MAC Cosmetics November '03


On identical female twins, I used highlight, contour and blush colour to transform a half face of one twin into a super-feminised version of herself while I transformed her other twins half face into a super-masculinised version of herself. Understanding the differences between masculine and feminine features and knowing how to play them up or down provides a great starting point for analysing what looks will work or what adjustments will be needed to make a look work on any particular face.

Everyone's face is made up of female and male elements, a wonderful mosaic of masculine and feminine features. Compared to the most sophisticated recognition computers, people can determine the gender of a face in the fraction of the time. The hormonal surge of puberty creates the big differences of a male and female. Testosterone especially changes the bone structure of the face dramatically. It caused the brow bone and jaw to increase substantially and triggers the growth of facial hair.

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Oestrogen causes the cheekbones, jawbones and nose to mature and lips to plump out the most they ever will be naturally in a woman's lifetime.
An extremely feminine face is very similar to a young face, big eyes, small nose, delicate jaw, and full lips. Devon Aoki would be an example of a face minimally changed by testosterone. A feminine face with strong cheekbones would be Kate Moss. Most plastic surgery is devoted to achieving more feminine features, smaller noses, and jaw lines, fuller lips, and younger skin. Men who appear mainly masculine with a element of the feminine are thought to be most attractive. A strong jaw, cheekbones and brow bones but with full lips, or big eyes or small noses, are considered the most handsome. Men that have extremely masculine features without a dose of feminine can suffer from something called the Minotaur syndrome where people will automatically associate this face with a character of extremely aggressive tendencies and stay away.

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